Dr Vili Lehdonvirta

Dr Vili Lehdonvirta
Economic sociologist, virtual economies and online work (Photo by Tommi Lätti)

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Greetings! I am a Research Fellow and DPhil Programme Director at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

In my research, I examine the social and economic dimensions of new information technologies around the world. My particular areas of expertise are virtual goods, virtual currencies and online labour markets. My book Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis (with Edward Castronova) is published by MIT Press.

I have advised various companies and organizations in Europe, United States and Japan, including Rovio (Angry Birds), CCP Games (EVE Online) and the World Bank.

Previously I worked at London School of Economics, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, University of Tokyo and Waseda University. Before my academic career, I worked as a game programmer.

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The Connectivity, Inclusion, and Inequality Group – a research group I belong to at the OII

Virtual Economists Ltd – my consulting and market research practice

Amimaru – a startup I co-founded that helps the Japanese manga industry to internationalize

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TASO 131 – a game I created as a hobby project in the 1990s

My research

Below is a selection of my publications organized by theme. A full list of publications is available here. Citation metrics are available at Google Scholar.

Latest publications

Online work, labour markets, and crowdsourcing

Virtual goods, currencies, and consumption

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  • Address: Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 1 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JS, United Kingdom [access]
  • Phone: +44 (0) 7456 4200 12
  • Skype: vlehdonv
  • Twitter: ViliLe

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Vilile @Vilile
Vili Lehdonvirta  @Vilile
Bitcoin exchanges come across as very responsible in this story, performing KYC checks and freezing suspicious assets http://t.co/DQSavy9Kym 
Vili Lehdonvirta  @Vilile
It's precisely this kind of blatant abuses of gov authority that fuel the cryptoanarchist streak of Bitcoin community http://t.co/DQSavy9Kym